Welcome to the personal website of Dr. Jacqueline Kennelly. I’m an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

My work encompasses youth cultural studies, critical educational studies, urban sociology,  social movements, feminist theory, phenomenology, and theories of the state, citizenship, democracy, and neoliberalism. I’ve done research with young activists across Canada, low-income youth in Toronto and Vancouver, homeless youth in Vancouver and London (UK), and I am currently conducting research with homeless youth in Ottawa.

I have recently completed a book that presents the findings of my SSHRC-funded research project on the impact of the Olympic Games in Vancouver (2010) and London (2012) on homeless and marginally housed youth. The book is called Olympic Exclusions: Youth, Poverty, and Social Legacies, and was published by Routledge in summer 2016.

I was also the lead organizer of an international conference on youth homelessness, held Feb 20-22, 2018 in Ottawa. Please see www.coming-up-together.ca for more details.

Please explore this website for more information on my research projects, for links to some of my publications, and for information about my teaching and graduate supervision.

Follow me on Twitter: @kennelly_jackie

PhD (British Columbia)
MES (York)
BASc (McMaster)

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