Part of my commitment to engaged scholarship includes contributing to public dialogue about issues on which I have some expertise. Below are some examples of interventions I have made in the media, including print, radio, video, and public presentations.

On Youth Activism, Citizenship, and Social Movements (including Occupy):

2016 — Interviewed, with Rana Hamadeh, about Next Up Ottawa, progressive youth leadership organization, on CKCU radio.

2012 — Reading from my book, ‘Citizen Youth’, St. Catharine’s, Ontario

2012 — Interviewed for piece published on Breaking the Silence: Youth and Activist Burnout.

2012 — Interviewed on youth activism and youth engagement, Dancing Owl Magazine. 

2011 — OpEd on Occupy Ottawa, published in the Ottawa Citizen.

2011 — Interview for Department of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia

2010 — Interviewed for piece on teaching activism, in the Globe and Mail.

2010 — Panel discussion – Advocate or Activist: What is the best way to effect change?  Toronto, ON, Canada

(Secondary blog post on this discussion, here.)

On the Olympics, youth homelessness, and policing:

2018 — An interview about the Calgary Olympics bid.

2016 — A fair amount of coverage of my book, Olympic Exclusions, prior to the Rio 2016 Games.

Ottawa professor pens book linking Olympics and marginalized youth

2011 — A radio interview on Vancouver Co-op Radio about youth and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

2011 — CBC news article about homeless youth and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games (also released as a radio interview).

2010 — A piece I wrote for The Dominion on the impacts of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics on homeless youth: Olympics Sidelines Youth

On homelessness more broadly:

2018 — Brief interview at Carleton University.

2017 — Interview for Carleton University FASS website.

2017 — On The Agenda with Steve Paikin speaking about housing for all.

2016 — Carleton page for Encountering Democracy project.

2015 — Interviewed, with Valerie Stam, on youth homelessness in Ottawa, for CKCU radio.

2013 — Guest blog for National Film Board of Canada’s At Home project on Canadian homelessness.

Secondary sources that have used my work:

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