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(Note: copyright rules forbid me from posting some of my articles, though I can post pre-print versions before the article has been published. Please feel free to contact me directly for more information on any of my publications.)


Kennelly, J. (2016). Olympic Exclusions: Youth, Poverty, and Social Legacies. Routledge: New York. (view abstract and info here).

Poyntz, S. and J. Kennelly (Eds.) (2015). Phenomenology of Youth Cultures and Globalization: Lifeworlds and Surplus Meanings in Changing Times. Routledge: New York. (view abstract and info here).

Kennelly, J. (2011). Citizen youth: culture, activism, and agency in a neoliberal era. PalgraveMacMillan: New York. (view excerpts here)

Dillabough, J. and J. Kennelly. (2010) Lost youth in the global city: class, culture, and the urban imaginary. RoutledgeFalmer: New York. (view excerpts here)


Kennelly, J. (2015). ‘You’re making our city look bad’: Olympic security, neoliberal urbanization and homeless youth. Ethnography. Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 3-24. (weblink here)

Kennelly, J. (2014). ‘It’s this pain in my heart that won’t let me stop’: Gendered reflexivity, webs of relations, and young women’s activism. Feminist Theory. Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 241-260. (its this pain in my heart Kennelly pre print) 

Kennelly, J. (2013, online version). ‘You’re making our city look bad’: Olympic security, neoliberal urbanization and homeless youth. Ethnography. (weblink here).

Kennelly, J. and P. Watt (2013). Restricting the public in public space: the London 2012 Olympic Games, hyper-securitization and marginalized youth. Sociological Research Online. Volume 18, Issue 2, published 31 May 2013  (weblink here).

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Kennelly, J. (2011). Policing young people as citizens-in-waiting: legitimacy, spatiality, and governance. British Journal of Criminology, Volume 51, Number 2, pp 336-354. (available here)

Kennelly, J. and P. Watt (2011). Sanitizing public space in Olympic host cities: the spatial experiences of marginalized youth in Vancouver (2010) and London (2012). Sociology. (weblink here)

Kennelly, J. and K. Lewellyn (2011). Educating for active compliance: discursive constructions in citizenship education. Citizenship Studies. (weblink here)

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Kennelly, J. and J. Dillabough (2008). Young people mobilizing the language of citizenship: struggles for classification and new meaning in an uncertain world. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 29(5), pp 493-508. (weblink here)

Kennelly, J. (2006). “Acting out” in the public sphere: the challenges of community theatre to citizenship education. Canadian Journal of Education, 29(2), pp 541-562. (Creative commons license; pdf is available here)

Dillabough, J., E. Wang and J. Kennelly (2005). “Ginas,” “Thugs,” and “Gangstas”: Young people’s struggles to “become somebody” in working-class urban Canada. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 21(2), pp 83-108.

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