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I am generally happy to write reference letters, with sufficient notice and information, as long as I feel that I can write the student a reasonably strong letter. Please see this link to the University Affairs website on How to ask for a reference letter for more information on the etiquette of asking for a good reference.


Sociology of Childhood (3rd year lecture),  Making Research Matter (directed reading course with two doctoral students),  Sociology of Education (3rd Year lecture),  Youth Cultures, Moral Panics and Globalization (graduate seminar), Qualitative Methods (4th year seminar),  Readings in Urban Sociology & Applied Research in Urban Sociology (directed reading course, 4th year), Advanced Studies in Feminist Theory (graduate seminar),  Mixed-Race Experiences (directed reading course, 4th year),  Feminist Theories of the Body (directed reading course with two MA students), Women in Society (Gender & Society) (2nd year lecture), Theories of Environmental and Natural Resource Sociology (directed reading course with one MA student).


4th year Honours:

Sullivan, K. “Evaluating the effectiveness of Ontario’s physical education curriculum” (completed April, 2012), Faculty of Public Affairs.

Floyd, E. “Respons(ability) and Teaching in Neoliberal Times: Personal Accounts of Dealing with Students’ Mental Health Issues” (completed May 2018), Dept of Sociology and Anthropology


Boyd, R.  “Boat People and Terrorists: Media-driven Moral Panic and Double Consciousness of the Tamil Diaspora in Canada” (completed September, 2012)

Verardi, C. (co-supervision with B. Leistle). “Perceptions of Volunteer Tourism.” (completed May, 2013)

Williams, J. “Reading Lips: Exploring Emotive Responses to Labiaplasty.” (completed: July, 2013)

Nellis, B. “Ottawa Liberated: Self-referential systems of communication and municipal policing responses to Occupy Ottawa.” (completed: July, 2013).

Chewinski, M. “Contesting Canadian mining operations: understanding NGO-social movement dynamics.” (completed: August, 2015).

Thorpe, S. (co-supervision with W. Walters) “A Public Yet to Come: When No One Is Illegal in Canadian Cities” (withdrawn)

Mast, T. Topic: “Ordinary Apocalypse: Zombies, Feminism, and the Unmaking of Self.” (completed: May 2017)

Wallis, A.  “Who Cares? Women, Emotion, and Bodies in Animal Rights Activism.” (completed: May 2017)

Macdonald, C. “The Usual Suspects and Invisible Victims: Exploring homeless youths’ experiences with policing in Ottawa” (completed: September 2017)


Conners, D. (co-supervision with D. Majury). “Commitments and Conundrums: Mapping the Field of Work to Reduce and Prevent Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).” (completed: April, 2016).

Partridge, K. “Secure in our masculinity? A phenomenological look at security workers in Ottawa” (anticipated completion: Winter, 2019).

Stam, V. “Islamophobia, racism, and belonging: The experiences of 2nd generation youth in the Netherlands” (anticipated completion: Winter, 2019).

Bing, A. “Migrant lives, schooled childhoods, and the meanings of the field: Alumni narratives of an Asian/Canadian engineering student cohort.” (anticipated completion: Summer 2019).

Clarke, W.  “Social determinants of health among Black Canadian male youth” (anticipated completion: Summer 2020)

Johnston, G. “Exploring Social Supports, Community and Belonging for Youth Exiting Homelessness in Canada” (anticipated completion: Summer 2020)

MacDonald, C. Youth homelessness, red zoning, spatial restrictions. (anticipated completion: Summer 2021)

Erdal, C. “Youth activism in the left-wing space of Europe in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis.” (anticipated completion: Summer 2021)

Smith, K. “Decolonizing Legal Education in Canada: An Anti-Colonial Framework.” (anticipated completion: Summer 2021)



External Examiner:

Hickey, S. “Case Study of a Child and Youth Advocacy Centre (CYAC) in a Canadian City” (completed May, 2018)

Committee member:

Wright, L. “Drug and Sex Education: A Case Study of the Operation of Social Control” (completed September, 2011).

Sherry, M. Afri-centric schooling in Canada (anticipated completion: Summer 2019).


External Examiner:

Sabra, S. “(Re)negotiated Identifications: Reproducing and Challenging the Meanings of Arab, Canadian, and Arab Canadian Identities in Ottawa.” (completed January, 2012).

Committee member:

Scott, N. “Reassembling urban travel” (completed May, 2012).

Rodimon, S. “‘We Have the Law, We Need the Access!’ Access, Activism & the Social Organization of Abortion in New Brunswick” (completed: May, 2018).

Joy, A. “Democracy as Resistance: Protest and Praxis in the Canadian Occupy Movement” (anticipated completion: Summer 2019).

Jones, Z. “Exploring Rope Bondage: Experiences of Practice and Community” (anticipated completion: Summer 2019).



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