Jacqueline Kennelly

Theses Supervised

4th year Honours: 

Sullivan, K. “Evaluating the effectiveness of Ontario’s physical education curriculum” (completed April, 2012), Faculty of Public Affairs.

Floyd, E. “Respons(ability) and Teaching in Neoliberal Times: Personal Accounts of Dealing with Students’ Mental Health Issues” (completed May 2018), Dept of Sociology and Anthropology

Turenne, D. “The Role of Policy in Homelessness Prevention: An Analysis of Reaching Home, the Canadian Approach to Homelessness (completed: April 2020), Public Affairs and Policy Management.


Boyd, R.  “Boat People and Terrorists: Media-driven Moral Panic and Double Consciousness of the Tamil Diaspora in Canada” (completed September, 2012)

Verardi, C. (co-supervision with B. Leistle). “Perceptions of Volunteer Tourism.” (completed May, 2013)

Williams, J. “Reading Lips: Exploring Emotive Responses to Labiaplasty.” (completed: July, 2013) 

Nellis, B. “Ottawa Liberated: Self-referential systems of communication and municipal policing responses to Occupy Ottawa.” (completed: July, 2013). 

Chewinski, M. “Contesting Canadian mining operations: understanding NGO-social movement dynamics.” (completed: August, 2015).

Mast, T. Topic: “Ordinary Apocalypse: Zombies, Feminism, and the Unmaking of Self.” (completed: May 2017)

Wallis, A.  “Who Cares? Women, Emotion, and Bodies in Animal Rights Activism.” (completed: May 2017)

Macdonald, C. “The Usual Suspects and Invisible Victims: Exploring homeless youths’ experiences with policing in Ottawa” (completed: September 2017)

Xu, X. “A Public Yet to Come: When No One Is Illegal in Canadian Cities” (completed: Fall 2020).


Conners, D. (co-supervision with D. Majury). “Commitments and Conundrums: Mapping the Field of Work to Reduce and Prevent Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).” (completed: April, 2016).

Stam, V. “It is not possible to be Dutch, and Muslim, and Black:” Second-Generation Youths’ Everyday Practices of Resisting Racism and Islamophobia in the Netherlands. (completed: May, 2019).

Bing, A. “Extrinsic learning, corporate streaming, and ungrounded voting: The role of STEM schooling in the political socialization of Asian Canadian youths.” (completed: Spring 2021).

Clarke, W.  “Mapping the experiences and struggles of un(der)employed Afro-Caribbean “Black” (ACB) young men in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa” (anticipated: Fall 2021)

Johnston, G. “Exploring social supports, community and belonging for youth exiting homelessness in Canada” (anticipated: Winter 2021)

Erdal, C. “Resisting Neoliberalism: Investigating activist youth experiences in Europe in the 2010s and 2020s” (anticipated: Summer 2021)

Smith, K. “Unsettling the Colonial Structure of Canadian Legal Education: An Examination of Canadian Law Schools’ Responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action 28” (anticipated: Summer 2021)



External Examiner:

Hickey, S. “Case Study of a Child and Youth Advocacy Centre (CYAC) in a Canadian City” Department of Law and Legal Studies (completed May, 2018). 

Macdonald, E. “Peer Information and Substance Use Decision Making in Street-Involved Youth”Department of Psychology (completed July 2019).

Levitt, E. “Social Work Practice, Data, Time and Biopolitics: Looking at Short-Term RFPs in Contemporary Community Practice in a Canadian Context” Faculty of Social Work (MSW program) (completed September 2021).

Committee member:

Wright, L. “Drug and Sex Education: A Case Study of the Operation of Social Control” (completed September, 2011).

Sherry, M. “Towards a More Critical Consciousness: Race-Making, Affect, and Counter-Knowledges (completed September, 2019).


External Examiner:

Sabra, S. “(Re)negotiated Identifications: Reproducing and Challenging the Meanings of Arab, Canadian, and Arab Canadian Identities in Ottawa.” Department of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, Carleton University (completed January, 2012).

Polillo, Alexia. “Pathways, Health, and Experiences of Homelessness among Foreign-Born Families.” School of Psychology, University of Ottawa (completed May, 2019).

Corcillo, Piero. “Social Mixing and the London East Village: Exclusion, Habitus and Belonging in a Post-Olympics Neighbourhood.” Urban Studies, Department of Geography; Birkbeck, University of London (completed May, 2020).

Committee member:

Scott, N. “Reassembling urban travel” (completed May, 2012).

Rodimon, S. “‘We Have the Law, We Need the Access!’ Access, Activism & the Social Organization of Abortion in New Brunswick” (completed: May, 2018).

Jones, Z. “Exploring Rope Bondage: Experiences of Practice and Community" (completed: September 2020).

Crosby, A. “The Herongate Tenant Coalition and Social Movement Suppression” (anticipated completion: Summer 2022).